WHAT IS the Monterey Horse Park?

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What’s Next for the Monterey Horse Park?

We’ve had many questions regarding the recent Monterey Downs events. Primarily, "how does this effect the Monterey Horse Park?" The short answer is that we’re not sure. We know that, in the face of law suits by KFOW and Landwatch, the City of Seaside decided to rescind their approvals of the General Plan and Specific Plan, to de-certify the EIR, and to send the projects back to the Seaside Planning Commission for modifications.
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Woo-hoo! EIR Certified!

Thursday was a huge step toward our dream of a Horse Park. The Seaside City Council certified the EIR. They also approved the Specific Plan and the General Plan, which will require a second vote November 17.
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Horse Parks in Western States

Over the past 20 years, horse parks in other Western States have contributed greatly to their communities. There is much more information regarding the economic impact of horse parks on local communities. Soon let’s be reading about the impact of the Monterey Horse Park on Seaside!
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Significant Impact of the Horse Show Industry

For anyone who has participated in a horse show, be it at the national, state or local level, there is no doubt that these activities generate a lot of money. The American Horse Council's Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on the United States study includes some impressive statistics that confirm the significant impact of the horse show industry.
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Oklahoma City: State Fair Park

Home to more equine events than any other city in the world, Oklahoma City is the venue of choice for more than a dozen top national and world championship horse shows, attracting riders from across the nation - and world - each year. Not only do Oklahoma City horse shows provide family fun entertainment, they make a substantial contribution to the city's economy.
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  • To preserve a small part of former Fort Ord for equestrian activities and public recreation
  • To provide a venue for equestrian competition, schooling and education that will generate economic benefits to our community
  • To ensure that this extraordinary land in this unique setting will be enjoyed by future generations

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